Open code for closed services: The Open Source paradox of the cloud

In recent years, several high-profile, single-vendor Open Source projects made the news by switching to more restrictive licenses. Some saw this as a manifestation of evil and greed, questioning the single-vendor model entirely; others interpreted it as a sign of the growing economic unsustainability of Open Source in the current market structure. Both arguments have … Read more

Study and survey on the impact of Open Source Software and Hardware in the EU economy

Fraunhofer ISI and OpenForum Europe are conducting a study for the European Commission which shall investigate in detail the economic impact of Open Source Software (OSS) and Open Source Hardware (OSH) on the European economy. The study should identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of open source in relevant ICT policies. The Open Source impact … Read more

An open source alternative for “the cloud”

Cloud services have become the default tools many people use to get their work done. But this can mean giving up privacy and control. Some open source alternatives are now offering tools to put people back in charge. Frank Karlitschek is a German open source developer and founder of Nextcloud, a platform for storage, collaboration … Read more