#European #Free #Software #Policy Meeting 2016

Traditionally, Brussels is the place to go for Free Software enthusiasts and developers at the end of January. During FOSDEM, hundreds of experts talk about their beloved project and discuss the past, present and future of Open Source. It is a great place for meeting like-minded people. At the afternoon before the start of the conference, the Free SoftwareFoundation … Read more

8 advantages of using #opensource in the #enterprise #trends

I work with IT teams that are so passionate about Red Hat’s open source mission that they bring a “default to open source” mentality to every project we work on. We’ve been quite successful in finding open source solutions for many of our business needs. Naturally, we turn to our own open source solutions for … Read more

#LibreOffice Has About 1,200 UI-Related Reported Bugs, Come and #Help Fix Them

 The office suite could look a lot better with some effort LibreOffice might be a great office suite, but the community doesn’t like the fact that the UI still looks kind of dated. The good news is that anyone with some coding skills can try to fix that by working on the project. The LibreOffice … Read more

#Drupal-based #farmOS manages food, farmers, and community

FarmOS is a Drupal-based software project aimed at easing the day-to-day management of a farm. It allows different roles to be assigned to managers, workers, and viewers. Managers can monitor how things are going with access to the whole system, workers can use the record-keeping tools, and viewers have read-only access to, for example, certify … Read more

How 17 #French #ministries joined forces to support #free #software

Seventeen French government ministries are working together to support free software through an agreement designed to reduce costs and advance the use of free software in administrations. The support contract operates through a ticketing system. It includes a detailed classification of software, and a schedule for the reduction of support costs based on the popularity … Read more

Building Management System based on OpenHab

We are witnessing the beginning of the IoT revolution. We use smartphones, numerous gadgets and sensors in our everyday life, providing us with unimaginable information, insights and benefits. We have smart phones, smart wearables, smart cars, smart almost everything; yet buildings remain “dumb” especially in reference to energy efficiency. Enterprises today more than ever require … Read more

Indian Government adopts open source – #egov #opengov #OGP

In a historic decision, the Indian Government has adopted open source for its public offices. With acclaimed Indian organizations like C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) and IIT Chennai working on Debian based distro BOSS Linux and states like Tamil Nadu already advocating open source for a while, this was inevitable. The policy has been … Read more