eThemisID: Integrating the Greek Justice System with eIDAS and e-signature services

The Action aims to integrate eID DSI and eSignature CEF Digital Service Infrastructures (DSI) with the existing systems of the Greek Justice System in order to enable eIDAS compliant cross-border authentication and e-signature services to the end-users in an EU-wide level.

Specially, the Greek Council of State portal (as Service Provider) will be connected to the Greek eIDAS-Node Infrastructure, allowing EU citizens and legal entities that have administrative/law disputes with Greek Public Sector to use e-services to communicate the relevant Greek authorities. The eIDAS compliant cross-border authentication will cover the following e-services of the Greek Council of State:

• Electronic Case-file tracking for EU citizens:

• Electronic Case-file submission for EU lawyers;

• Legal Entity Representative Electronic Case-file and Certificate issuing/tracking.

The implementation for the portal interconnection with eIDAS will be offered as an opensource package so that it can be used by the remaining Greek Courts for easy integration.

Moreover, the Action will enable eSeal capabilities (capability to digitally sign and validate) for all e-documents produced through automated delivery mechanisms in the Greek Council of State Services Portal. It will re-use the eID-DSS module (eSignature DSI) in order to add eSeal capabilities to the Greek Council of State Services Portal. This way all documents generated as a response to citizen / legal entity request will be digitally signed before forwarding it as a response to the initial request. eSeal capabilities will be enabled for the 41 administrative courts of the Greek Council of State.

The open-source toolkit will be also prepared for other organizations (such as other Courts) that wish to use the eIDAS-compliant esignature service.

By the end of the action, the Greek Council of State portal will be made available in production environment for cross- border authentication (via eIDAS) and for eSeal capabilities (based on eSignature DSI DSS tool).


  • National Infrastructures for Research and Technology S.A. (GRNET)