Our Team
Despina Mitropoulou

Despina Mitropoulou received her BSc (Hons) in Digital Media from the University of Portsmouth and her MSc in Child-Computer Interaction from the University of Central Lancashire. She started working for GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance in 2010 as a project coordinator and is currently the Director of the organization.

Vivi Petsioti
Office Manager

Vivi Petsioti received her B.Sc in Geography at the University of the Aegean specialized at GIS and environmental science and her MSc in Prevention and Management of Natural Hazards at the National and Kapodestrian University of Athens specialized at Remote Sensing and GIS. She works at GFOSS from 2014 and her work entail in office management, project management, conference organization and dissemination activities.

Kostas Papadimas
Content / Community Manager

Kostas Papadimas (pkst) is the Content and Community Manager of GFOSS since 2015. He holds a degree in Communication and Cultural Studies and he is an active open source contributor since 2001.

Nick Koskinas
Systems Administrator

Nick Koskinas is a free software enthusiast and activist, with a soft spot for privacy (and ArchLinux). He is co-organising CryptoParties, free software presentations and is an active member in free software communities. At GFOSS he is working as a System Administrator since 2015.

David Bromiras
Web Developer

David Bromiras holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Athens University of Applied Sciences. He is into web development and maintenance for the last 4 years. He stands passionately up for Free/Open Software and Openness in general. He looks into all the new technologies arising in the field of web development, never missing a chance to apply one when there’s a possibility.