#Linux Is Everywhere. Now There’s A Plan to Make It for Everyone

Linux is everywhere these days. It runs our phones, the web servers that underpin everything from Facebook to Google, even our cars. That means there’s a bigger demand for people who know how to work with the operating system than ever before, and those jobs often pay good money. The Linux Foundation is a non-profit … Read more

Linux Foundation Unveils #Blockchain, an Open Source Distributed Ledger

Blockchain is an open source project supported by the Linux Foundation and twenty industry partners to develop an open source distributed ledger platform. The Linux Foundation has partnered with twenty companies on a major collaborative project called Blockchain, which aims to build an open source distributed ledger system and enable Bitcoin-like transactions for the business … Read more

Linux Foundation Launches OpenChain Workgroup for Open Source Standards

Open source code is supposed to reduce redundancy by saving developers from reinventing the wheel. To help it do a better job of that, the Linux Foundation this week announced a new OpenChain Workgroup, a new initiative that aims to standardize common practices to make open source more efficient. The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit consortium … Read more