Debian mourns the passing of Ian Murdock

With a heavy heart Debian mourns the passing of Ian Murdock, stalwart proponent of Free Open Source Software, Father, Son, and the ‘ian’ in Debian. Ian started the Debian project in August of 1993, releasing the first versions of Debian later that same year. Debian would go on to become the world’s Universal Operating System, … Read more

#Hack the #Book Festival

The Europeana Space project is exploring different ways of reusing digital cultural heritage by running pilots in six thematic areas (TV, Photography, Dance, Games, Open and Hybrid Publishing and Museums).  From 22-24 January 2016, the Open and Hybrid Publishing Pilot is organising the Hack the Book Festival in Athens, Greece, inviting designers, artists, publishers, programmers, authors, poets, … Read more

#OpenSource #Voting Systems #Resolution

Adopted by the San Francisco Elections Commission (6-0) on November 18, 2015. [Supporting Open Source Voting Systems — Encouraging the Mayor and Board of Supervisors to Initiate a Project to Develop and Certify an Open Source Voting System] Resolution to support the development and certification of an open source voting system running on commercial off-the-shelf … Read more

8 Companies that Found Great Ways to Use #Open #Data

The Random Walk theory: The efficient markets hypothesis (EMH), popularly known as the Random Walk Theory, is the proposition that current stock prices fully reflect available information about the value of the firm, and there is no way to earn excess profits, (more than the market over all), by using this information. The Private Eye of … Read more

European Parliament wants EU institutions to switch to open source

The European Parliament calls upon the Commission for the systematic replacement of proprietary software by auditable and verifiable open-source software in all the EU institutions, and for the introduction of a mandatory open-source-selection criterion in all future ICT procurement procedures. The Parliament strongly reiterates its call for the development, within the framework of new initiatives … Read more