Linux Foundation Unveils #Blockchain, an Open Source Distributed Ledger

Blockchain is an open source project supported by the Linux Foundation and twenty industry partners to develop an open source distributed ledger platform. The Linux Foundation has partnered with twenty companies on a major collaborative project called Blockchain, which aims to build an open source distributed ledger system and enable Bitcoin-like transactions for the business … Read more

Forget #Bitcoin, the #blockchain is where it’s at

We work the blockchain together My scepticism towards Bitcoin is well-documented. While I really like the idea of decentralized payment systems and cryptocurrencies, the current implementation of Bitcoin has too many question marks for my liking. While the BTC exchange rate has been going up recently, in part prompted by a bit of hype arising … Read more

#CALL FOR #PAPERS: Demystifying #Blockchain

 Demystifying Blockchain Through an STS Lens: Challenges and Opportunities of a New Infrastructure for the Commons.     Guest editors: Vasilis Kostakis, Tallinn University of Technology, P2P Lab Primavera De Filippi, Berkman Center at Harvard University, CERSA/CNRS Diego Gonzalez-Rodriguez, University Carlos III of Madrid   Call description: “The reward of labour is life. Is that … Read more