13th Symposium and Summer School On Service-Oriented Computing

SummerSoC is a well-established summer school and symposium focusing on service-oriented computing. The area of service-oriented computing is interpreted quite broadly, i.e. areas of interest for SummerSoC include  cloud computing, microservice architecture, service orchestrations,  service meshes, blockchains, Internet of Things, theoretical foundations of these subjects, and applications in/of all these areas, especially applications dealing with big/smart data and data sciences. Also, cross-domain subjects like eScience, digital humanities, or quantum computing are considered.

At SummerSoC, renowned researchers and leading industry practitioners give tutorials and invited talks on current topics from the areas above. PhD students present posters of their ongoing work and give plenary presentations of their theses. The agenda ensures that enough time is allocated for a lot of discussions. Participants come from both, academia as well as industry, and from all over the world.

SummerSoC is also a forum for presenting and discussing research from the areas above. Interested researchers submit papers that are peer-reviewed. In addition to novel research work, we also ask for application and experience papers as well as overview papers (these submissions have to be marked accordingly). Authors of accepted papers are expected to attend SummerSoC 2019, present their paper in the plenum as well as in the poster session.

Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of the IBM Technical Report series. Best papers will be published in a Special Issue of the Springer Journal Software-Intensive Cyber-Physical Systems (SICS)’, 2019. Additionally, the extended abstracts of the accepted posters will be published in the IBM Technical Report.

We invite submissions on the following topics:

  • Developing services for the cloud
    • Moving existing services to the cloud
    • Methods and tools for developing “cloud native” services
    • DevOps paradigm for services
    • Microservices, Function as a Service, and Serverless
    • Service Meshes
    • Cloud federations and interoperability among clouds
  • Cloud & IoT
    • Automatic provisioning and management
    • Transaction models, consistency models, and coordination models
    • IoT middleware
    • Fog middleware
  • Advanced types of applications
    • Decentralized applications (blockchains,…)
    • Use of Quantum Computers
  • Big/smart Data and Data Science
    • Computational Models for Big Data
    • Software Systems to Support Big Data Computing
    • Cloud/Grid/Stream Computing for Big Data
    • Big Data in Motion and Big Data at Rest
    • Big Data management for IoT
    • Cloud/Grid/StreamData Mining
    • Cloud-based Analytic Computing and Analytic Services
    • Security & Privacy
  • Business processes in the cloud
    • Business Processes as a Service
    • Social media in business processes
    • Orchestration of Services
    • Advanced architectures of process engines
  • Applications of services
    • eHealth, e.g. Connected Health
    • Smart energy/smart grids/smart cities
    • IoT services
  • eScience & Digital Humanities

SummerSoC will also grant the “SummerSoC Young Researcher Award” to the best paper in one of the areas above. A potential awardee must be (i) first author of a paper accepted for SummerSoC 2019, and (ii) PhD student. The award is associated with 500€ for the awardee, sponsored by the renowned ICSOC conference series.

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