Raspberry Shake the personal seismograph…

Raspberry Shake is probably the smallest seismograph of its caliber in existence, but don’t let its size fool you.  It can record earthquakes of all magnitudes.  From the vanishingly small blips that are imperceptible to human senses, to the big destructive earthquakes that regularly happen around the world.

While the Earth shakes, other exciting activities happen all the time in the atmosphere, emitting sounds too low for our human ears to hear. These sound waves travel huge distances and come from an incredible number of sources such as meteorites, rocket launches, tornadoes, lightning, wind farms, airplanes, trains, traffic and much much more! 

The Raspberry Shake and the Raspberry Boom monitor Earth and atmospheric activity from two different perspectives, making them the perfect compliment for a more complete picture. They conveniently snap right onto Raspberry Pi, the most popular single-board personal computer in the tech world. Once you plug in you are ready to start monitoring and connect with hundreds of others on the largest Citizen powered Earth monitoring network, called Station View, and discover fascinating events from around the globe in real time!


The Raspberry Shake, and the recently released Raspberry Boom, are a combination of technologies. The main board combines a powerful processor and digitizer, which connects to a variety of sensors including geophones, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), accelerometers and infra sound sensors (depending on the model). This plugs right into the Raspberry Pi computer board to power it all and with custom coding on the microSD card, the data is sent out and processed in miniSEED.  miniSEED is the standard data format in the industry, for easy learning, monitoring and analysis, which is also compatible with jAmaSeis.  jAmaSeis is a Java based program that allows users to obtain and display seismic data in real time from either a local seismometer,  a remote educational seismometer connected to the jAmaseis network, or any research-quality seismometer that streams data to the IRIS Data Management Center.

The Raspberry Shake range of products have advanced options so that more experienced users can enjoy DIY features such as programming IFTTT protocols, laser printing enclosures and more! The novice will also feel at home as all our devices are designed to be plug-and-play. Professional, home science monitors that anyone can use.


Love gadgets? The Raspberry Shake range has something for everyone!

Consumer Interest GroupsEducational FacilitiesProfessional Institutes
Raspberry Pi enthusiasts, makers, hobbyists, Citizen scientists etc can plug into the Raspberry Shake network and start watching the Earth’s activities from their own homes.Schools and Universities can access data from any Raspberry Shake in the world, making it a good solution for seismically active earthquake areas and quiet regions alike. Perfect for viewing micro-tremores and the larger events featured in IRIS Teachable Moments. The RS is also compatible with jamaSeis and SWARM analytical software.Government / private research facilities and businesses can densify their networks more cost effectively and can easily comply to legal structural monitoring requirements and more. The Oklahoma Geological Survey recently acquired 100 units to expand their network, rolling them out to schools and educational facilities to raise awareness and provide valuable educational tools.

There are soooo many cool things you can do with your Raspberry Shake. These days loads of people seem to have a Raspberry Pi lying around collecting dust, waiting for something awesome they can do with it… Well here’s your chance!

You too can use the same equipment professional researchers and citizen scientists are using to better understand changes in our ecosystem such as the melting of the ice caps, landslides, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. And as the Earth is always in motion due to our human footprint, you will even get to see the “cultural noises” of human impact happening right around you!

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