On October 13-14, 2018 the 11th FOSSCOMM will be organized in the University of Crete

FOSSCOMM (Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting) is the pan-Hellenic conference of free and open source software communities. It is addressed at programmers, students and anyone else interested in the open source movement, despite their background. Participating communities include the Hellenic Linux User Group (HELLUG), contributors of open source projects such as Mozilla, Fedora, OpenSuse, KDE and more. The content of the conference includes a wide variety of topics ranging from technical issues and workshops to translations, legal issues, political issues concerning opensource software and hardware.

The event is usually attended by a few hundreds of people, with the largest number having been recorded in Patras in 2011 with about 450 participants. It is held on an annual basis since 2008 and till today it has been organized in 6 different cities. This year we are expecting approximately 400 participants.

In preparation for this event, we are asking for your support in donating items (swags) like t-shirts, stickers, banners, usb-sticks, CDs/DVDs that will be given for free to the participants. Swags are loved by all, and they are a great way to market your
organization or your project. Please note that everything is organized and set up by volunteers and financing comes from sponsorships and donations.

Thank you for your time and consideration of 11th FOSSCOMM meeting. We are really glad to answer any questions and we are most appreciative of any contribution you might be willing to make.

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FOSSCOMM 2018 organizing committee,
University of Crete Radio Station
τοLΑΒάκι hackerspace
Graduate Students Union, Computer Science Department, UoC


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