Emancipate yourself from mental slavery: how to communicate to denaturalize enclosures and make commons sexy again?

The idea of the commons is much older than capitalism. But somehow we got used to the opposite idea: that everything is private property unless stated otherwise. A lot of problems already have open source solutions, but those who need them not always can find them. How to complete that missing link to help the commons to fulfill their promises of a fairer, inclusive society? Hack publicity from emotions: to commons with love. As Silke Helfrich put it, “turn the commons into a meme”. What about a common pool of communication resources? Let’s sketch ideas together.


“Free software or open source? GPL or BSD? A far more important choice now lies elsewhere”

Since the use of Free and Open Source Software began, proponents have argued and debated about the benefits and risks of various approaches to licensing and the balance between freedoms for end users and freedoms for software developers. Organizations such as the Open Source Initiative have developed criteria about what makes a license sufficiently open to be open source.
This session will briefly describe some of the variations that can be found within the bounds of open source, especially how they relate to Creative Commons licensing approaches. The core of the session will describe new threats to software freedom posed by increasing global use of cloud-based computing, the areas of ongoing concern and some of the solutions proposed to maintain and advance the objectives of open source and free software.


MyWorld, MyData, Myself

The boundaries between physical and digital space are blurring. The same goes for our physical and digital self. In the meantime, everything becomes ‘smart’. Our phone, our car, our refrigerator. The smarter the refrigerator, the weaker the self, digital and physical. Individuals are losing control and at the same time feel happy under the corporate surveillance of our daily lives. Something is terribly wrong. Is it the notion of property? Should we start talking about control instead?


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