Publishing Open Government Data: Open Data Gives Real Power to the People

Every day, governments and government agencies publish more data on the Internet. Sharing this data enables greater transparency; delivers more efficient public services; and encourages greater public and commercial use and re-use of government information. Some governments have even created catalogs or portals (such as to make it easy for the public to find … Read more

European Parliament wants EU institutions to switch to open source

The European Parliament calls upon the Commission for the systematic replacement of proprietary software by auditable and verifiable open-source software in all the EU institutions, and for the introduction of a mandatory open-source-selection criterion in all future ICT procurement procedures. The Parliament strongly reiterates its call for the development, within the framework of new initiatives … Read more

When You Work in the Open, Everyone Can Be a Collaborator

From scientific research to lawmaking, open access enables participation Open access is the practice of making research available online, for free, ideally under licenses that permit widespread dissemination. This year’s theme for Open Access Week is “open for collaboration,” and that theme hits on what’s really exciting about open access. Open access—both in academia and … Read more

‘France’s open source policy spurs ICT market’

France’s policies on open source and open data are helping to create a market for French ICT service providers, says Didier Tranchier, Professor of Innovation Management at Institut Mines-Telecom, a research institute. Professor Tranchier, who coaches and invests in high tech companies, spoke at the Mindtrek OpenMind conference in Tampere (Finland) in September. “Open data, … Read more

EU institutions remain unaware of document policy

The vast majority of EU officials who publish documents online are oblivious to the EU’s open document formats policy. One year after the launch of the ‘FixMyDocuments’ campaign, advocates of open document formats conclude the policy is perceived as unimportant. “There is a huge lack of awareness”, says campaign organiser Maël Brunet. “Maintainers show little … Read more

Linux Foundation Launches OpenChain Workgroup for Open Source Standards

Open source code is supposed to reduce redundancy by saving developers from reinventing the wheel. To help it do a better job of that, the Linux Foundation this week announced a new OpenChain Workgroup, a new initiative that aims to standardize common practices to make open source more efficient. The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit consortium … Read more

Open Invention Network Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Open Invention Network (OIN), the largest patent non-aggression community in history, is marking its 10 year anniversary this fall. Since its founding in 2005, Open Invention Network has grown its community to over 1,700 participants – from sizable multinational companies to key open source projects to emerging businesses. OIN has expanded its strategic patent portfolio … Read more