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Mixed Reality & VR

Mozilla Virtual Reality
Build immersive virtual worlds with a few lines of code. Reach an audience of millions using open standards. Craft virtual reality (VR) experiences for mobile devices everywhere. Mozilla leads VR technologies and standards on the web.



WebVR is an open-source JavaScript API for creating VR experiences in browsers and headsets. The WebVR API works in concert with WebGL, WebAudio and the Gamepad APIs to provide direct access to the hardware platform.

Browser support and VR devices
The WebVR API is supported in Firefox Nightly builds (Windows only) and Microsoft Edge, as well as Google Chrome 56+ for Android under a developer preview program. There are also experimental builds of Chromium for Windows and Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets will support WebVR content, and Google Cardboard has been tested with mobile versions of Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Is it a standard?
It will be. WebVR is an open collaboration between multiple stakeholders and is actively being developed as part of a W3C community group. Developers can use WebVR today to create VR experiences in Firefox, Edge, Samsung Internet, Oculus and Chrome. You can view ongoing work on the WebVR GitHub site, including an extension to the initial specification to improve head motion tracking and tools for creating a trusted UI environment.

Get started with VR

Join the thriving community of A-Frame developers building VR experiences using simple HTML. Anyone can create fully interactive 3D worlds with very little experience, so there’s no need to learn linear algebra or code in C++. A-Frame is built on the Three.js JavaScript 3D engine and libraries. Want another option? PlayCanvas also has good documentation and an active community.

Future research: Augmented reality

Augmented reality brings the magic of the digital world to reality. With it, we can mix our wildest dreams with our view of reality to create entirely new experiences. Mozilla is researching technology to bring augmented reality experiences to the open web. Our goal is to contribute to cross-browser standards that will make it easier for developers to build real-time, high-performance experiences.


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