A healthy #Internet is #open for #innovation

The Internet was built on the promise that any one of us might create the next big thing. But in order to keep creating, imagining, and reinventing our future online, the building blocks of the Web must be open to all. And together, we need to make sure the policies and laws that govern those building blocks are fair and functional.

A healthy Internet is created by you.

Open Source: Keeping the building blocks of the Web open for creativity

Open source should continue to be the heart of the Internet, so we can all see, verify, and contribute to its future.

Open source software – technology built with code that is open for view, use, and modification – is the engine that powers a huge amount of the Internet, from servers to operating systems to the bots that fetch your search results. It’s the infrastructure that makes the Web a truly public resource: transparent, trustworthy, and collaborative, so that anyone with an idea can contribute. But much like our IRL infrastructure, we have to commit the attention and resources to maintain it.

How you can support open source

  • Contribute to a project

    Contribute to an existing open source project. Become a Mozillian! Or use OpenHatch to match your skillset to a project.

  • Create something new

    Not sure where to start? Try our Open Innovation Toolkit.

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