Putting the Open Data Charter into practice

  Consultation on anti-corruption resource package This document summarises an initial plan for the development of a companion resource to the International Open Data Charter, and invites comments, feedback and contributions to shape the draft resource, to be developed over the first half of 2016. You will find a number of consultation questions (Q) in … Read more

Open Letter on the #Commission’s flawed Online Platform #Consultation

Consulting without listening? Last week we have pointed out our concerns about a number of copyright related questions buried deep inside the EU commission’s ongoing consultation on the ‘Regulatory environment for platforms, online intermediaries, data and cloud computing and the collaborative economy‘. Our main points were that the consultation does not adequately address the effects … Read more

EU seeks views on the Satellite and Cable Directive

The European Commission is asking whether EU rules which define where and how satellite broadcasters and cable companies should clear copyright are up-to-date, in a public consultation launched today. It is also seeking views on the impact of extending these rules to cover broadcasters’ services (including TV and radio) provided over the Internet, This consultation … Read more