#OpenDesign – A modular #Laboratory #Desk


OpenDeskLab( ) aims at creating an open design for laboratory desks that is

  • Modular structure
  • Reconfigurable dimensions
  • Safe
  • Easy to build
  • Low cost
  • Highly functional

The material used for the structure of is mostly melamine boards, that can be precut by any CNC supplier to the given dimensions. The assembly of an OpenDeskLab is designed so as to require only the basic of the tools, such as a Pozidriv screwdriver. The desk itself can be configured in many different ways, and the materials as well as the aesthetics can be customized according to the owners taste.

All the materials chosen for the OpenDeskLab (and their respective sockets) are dimensioned according to the International standards and can be sourced online or in many local stores. The desk can be assembled easily, following the instructive videos provided for each component. Various components are provided, although anyone can design his own component to pair with the already developed ones.

OpenDeskLab can be built in three, four and five module variants. The builder may choose the modules that will form his desk according to his needs, and the modular design will accommodate every customization (with some minor limitations) possible.


The main audience that OpenDeskLab targets are high school laboratories and home/diy/hackerspace/fablab places. Due to its’ modular nature, OpenDeskLab can be used in a variety of applications, including (but not limited to) electrical, chemical and general use workbenches. It can provide electrical as well as gas connections, water supply and drain and of course ventilation. A hazardous materials storage is also provided that is the only fully self-contained module that can provide a safe storage for chemicals and flammables.

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