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The OERcamp 2017 has taken place in Germany in four cities: Munich, Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin. Kurt Junghanns (InfAI) participated in Cologne (13th and 14th May) and Roy Meissner (InfAI) participated in Hamburg (23th and 24th June). Both presented SlideWiki as as project and software in form of a workshop.




Making und OER by Melanie Kolkmann, CC BY 4.0

The two workshops were aimed to increase the awareness about SlideWiki in the German OER community. We discussed some positive and risky aspects of SlideWiki with e-learning practitioners, researchers, software engineers and teachers. During the workshops, attendees were introduced to SlideWiki as a project and into the features of the SlideWiki platform via a SlideWiki deck. The outcomes of the mentioned discussions have helped to prioritize future development goals and promotional priorities. For instance the participants highlighted that it might be confusing for users to choose a license for their content on SlideWiki, e.g. for uploaded pictures. This led to a simplified dialog with less choices available and links to proper material in order to gain competent knowledge about the available choices. Another example is that the participants particularly appreciated the forking feature of a deck in order to allow slide repurposing, but also asked for a proper introduction guide to this feature.

The OERcamp is a meetup of e-learning practitioners, researchers, teachers and software developers, which are active in open education and learning resources used in German-speaking areas. The main topic of the camps is Open Educational Resources (OER) which is interpreted as open education and learning resources, published under a free and open licences (e.g. the Creative Commons 4.0 international license). The OERcamp has taken place since the beginning of 2012 and has grown every year, both in number of attendees and importance.


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