MyData Greece 2019 – Community Meeting: 13-14 November 2019

As the importance of personal data in society continues to expand, it becomes increasingly urgent to ensure that people are able to know and control their personal data, but also to acquire personal knowledge and claim the benefits.

The MyData Greece 2019 community meeting aims to foster and accelerate such change towards a human-centric approach to personal data in Greece. On 13-14 November 2019, experts from business, legal, tech and society sectors will gather for the first time in Athens, in order to launch the 1st Greek MyData Community Meeting and to discuss three complementary themes for the Greek Data Economy:

  • Rebuilding trust for human-centered data economy in Greece
  • Putting individuals in control of their data. Aligned with the principles laid out both in the GDPR and by the MyData movement. Foster entrepreneurship and customer value through the ethical use of personal data.
  • Maximising the use of data. Data has value only when it is being used, and nearly all uses of data have some kind of social or economic utility.

This community-driven meeting is co-organised by MyData Hub Greece, the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR-D) and Open Technologies Alliance. MyData Greece is community dedicated to the advancement of MyData themes in Greece. The topics that will be discussed include personal data protection, democracy and data, ID and authentication, system architecture for the data reuse, AI and ethics of data use, overseas policy developments, data portability, and many others. The National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” and the Institute of Informatics & Telecommunications (IIT) have a strong interest on scientific data and human-centric AI systems. Open Technologies Alliance (GFOSS) is a non-profit organization founded in 2008, 35 Universities and Research Centers are shareholders of GFOSS. GFOSS promotes Openness through the use and the development of Open Standards and Open Technologies in Education, Public Administration and Business in Greece.

About MyData Global

MyData Global is an award-winning international nonprofit, headquartered in Finland. MyData Global’s mission is to empower individuals by improving their right to self-determination regarding their personal data. This is the paradigm shift outlined in the MyData Declaration.  Since October 2018, that was founded, MyData Global has over 600 members, including over 80 organisations, from over 40 countries. MyData Global was awarded by the EU Commission as one of the most impactful European initiatives shaping a new culture around Next-Generation Internet, for “Data as a human right”.

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