Collaboration between OpenProject and OpenPM²

PM²Alliance OpenProject Collaboration

The PM²Alliance and OpenProject are making cooperative project management accessible to everyone.

Our partnership brings us even closer to our goal, which is to enable project teams to do better projects using effective, free and open source project management.

Pursuing our vision to take the PM² where no PM² has gone before”, with this collaboration we have taken a few more steps towards achieving our ultimate goal of enabling better project management in Europe and beyond.

OpenProject will be integrating the requests of the PM² Alliance Community for new PM² features and functionality. A great benefit for the users!

The time has come for efficiency and effectiveness to meet in the form of a powerful combination of software and methodology. On the one hand, PM² is a lean, open and easy-to-use project management methodology, which can be applied to any type of project. On the other hand, OpenProject enables teams to control better their work, resulting in less time spent on admin and documentation, less stress and more productive time for creating value.

OpenProject meets Open Project Management: The open has finally been squared!

The PM² Alliance community is working with OpenProject development team on the tailoring of the OpenProject application to support the management of projects with the PM² Methodology.

Our methodology experts in collaboration with OpenProject teams will be bringing an increasing number of PM² features to the application. The result will be an open source PM² aligned PMIS application available to the global PM² community.

It’s such a unicorn: An open source tool supporting an open source methodology!

The PM² Alliance community has also undertaken the localization of OpenProject to several EU Languages. The translations are already underway and installed in the OpenProject Nightly Version (Test Environment) and will gradually be released.

OpenProject is the leading open source Project Management Information System (PMIS), providing project teams with a powerful feature set that allows them to efficiently cooperate, plan, and track projects. Through OpenProject, teams have the opportunity to manage their projects easier, as well as to get more work done while spending less time planning, coordinating and reporting tasks.

Both the PM² Alliance and OpenProject share a common philosophy, which places the creation of value for our members and users at the center of all our activities. Our collaboration is unique not only because it combines a powerful and flexible PMIS with an effective methodology, but also because of the strong open-source brand that both of us shares.

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