+Resilient Pilot Actions

+RESILIENT puts together a 4-helix partnership of 8 MED countries to tackle the need for innovation conducive to increased socially-responsive competitiveness of SMEs & stimulate new jobs, especially for companies operating in the social economy. It aims to kickstart a process of policy change at regional level in the involved areas resulting in the integration … Read more

Resilient 3rd transnational meeting in Rome (15-16 October 2019)

In order to coordinate the incoming project activities the partners of +Resilient met in Rome for the third transnational meeting. The first part of the project, Module 1 – Studying, was successfully closed so the partnership started with planning the activities in frame of Module 2 – Testing. Partners presented their pilot actions which will … Read more

Study Visit Marseille and the South Region 12-13 March 2019

Rationale of the study visit Marseille and, more generally, the South Region are very active as far as social (and societal) innovation is concerned. The region has also a long tradition of social and solidarity economy development since these organisations count for approximately 10% of the regional employment. Since the visit will be mostly located in … Read more


On a Venetian summer day, the partners of + RESILIENT kicked off the project with a deep-dive on a complex effort to bring together a diverse and complementary partnership from 8 countries and tackle the challenge of supporting the emerging clusters with social vocation and responsiveness to contribute to sustainable growth and jobs. On a … Read more