4th ODEON Newsletter – The Odeon Platform- now available online!!

ODEON platform is the result of the capitalization of past MED projects integrated with EU platforms dealing with Open Data and Linked Open Data.

The collaboration between these platforms assures a constant flow of data in the three thematic areas of the project, together with the national/regional e-government platforms.

The platform hosts open data freely available by the administration, training contents for awareness and capacity building activities and instruments and tools able to assist SMEs, startups for their entrepreneurial initiatives, to develop joint cooperation and innovation paths. is targeted at individuals or groups of people from different scientific fields and thematic areas, aiming at exploiting open data according to their needs and intentions. In addition to data publishers who upload, update and manage data sets, the platform is targeting researchers, business people, students, national or international organizations, start-ups, government agencies, websites, applications, and anyone interested in making use of open data sets for the development of added-value products and services.

For the moment the platform contains more than 5700 datasets from various sources, training material for SMES and data publishers and hosts services and tools for publishing, developing, accessing, using and visualizing Open Data sets from Private and Public Organizations 

Services and Tools currently available at 

  1.  Uploaded Datasets

Datasets are used to group related data and their associated metadata. These pieces of data – known as Resources – can then be found under a single url along with descriptions and licensing information.

  1. Uploaded training material has a list of categories of services that are available for each DataHub. Each Data Hub categorises all the content that uploads to the platform (presentation, event, webinar, article etc) under one or more of the categories of services (such as capacity building, training materials, Business development etc). All the services that data hubs will offer are available at 

  1. Created Data Stories and Data Dashboards

Data Stories are used for creating blog-like content pertaining to data over time. A real life example would be monthly Data Stories created by each hub , to provide an update of datahub’s services and activities for the local hub members. Data Stories offer a wide range of possible layouts and can be curated with data visualizations like charts, maps and tables.

The Data Dashboards feature allows datahubs to create pages that bring together various forms of content about a specific subject all in one place.

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Odeon Project

Odeon Project

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