3nd ODEON Newsletter

ODEON: Open Data for European Open iNnovation

ODEON project aims at the support of the growth of Clusters and SMEs, linked to Strategies for Smart Specialisation of the areas involved (focusing on Green/Blue growth and Cultural and Creative Industries) through the exploitation of Open and Linked Open Data.

Through the project 7 Data Hub have been created to develop a network of SMEs, Public Institutions and Private Sector and to offer tailored support for the exploitation of Open Data.

the Hubs will address to the needs of their members by providing services, tools and methodologies and will also enable them to create innovation products and services.

The Data Hubs have been created in the following countries:

  • Italy
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Montenegro
  • Croatia
  • France

and are part of the ODEON MED DATA CLUSTER


Lauching of Data Hub in Spain – Zaragoza – March 2019

Focus: Cultural and Creative Industries and green growth

The National Hub launching event was held on March 7, 2019 in the Caixa forum space of

Zaragoza and another event was organized by KIMbcn in Barcelona on the 11th of May, 2019 at

PRBB–Parc de Recerca Biomèdica de Barcelona to present the HUB to interested stakeholders in


Providing public services in the current digital environment requires considering new variables. 

Within this context, the events focused on two central issues: on the one hand, the relationship with users and the design of services tailored for them and, on the other hand, the use of data, open data and information on a reliable way for services improvement. 

The speakers addressed the state of the art in the issues in which they are experts and they explained their solutions to consider users and users’ data as a key question to create public services.

Launching of Data Hub in Italy – Padova – May 2019

Focus: Green Growth, Cultural and Creative Industries

The regional Data hub has been presented as opening event of the 100° edition of Fiera Campionaria, the most important exhibition held in Padova, in order to spread awareness of the project and its benefits to a large public, involving citizens and stakeholders.

The data hub will support the exploitation of Open Data / Open Linked Data with reference to the sector of cultural, creative and tourism companies.

The services that will be provided by the DATA HUB are:

● technical seminars focused on the latest developments in the field of Open Data

● training seminars on the construction of Local Capacity building;

● research and presentation of funding opportunities (also related to the Veneto Region POR FESR)

● realization of international events to create opportunities for collaboration between companies and organizations operating in the Data Economy sector

Launching of Data Hub in Croatia – Zagreb – June 2019 

Focus: Green Growth, Blue Growth, Cultural and Creative Industries

On 19th of June HAMAG BICRO launched its OPEN DATA HUB in Zagreb, Croatia.

Tanja Ivanović and Mirela Hrastinski presented the ODEON project in brief and the activities of the HUB.

The Associated partner on ODEON project Mr. Božo Zeba also presented his activities in the project and

his work in the field of open data.

The HUB members introduced themselves and exchanged their views and experiences in the use of open

data in Croatia and expressed their satisfaction for the establishment of the HUB.

They expressed their willingness to participate in all activities that OPEN DATA HUB will provide.

The conclusion of the event is that OPEN DATA HUB is needed in our community as for the public sector,

academia, industry and for SME’s.

They can all prosper from the use of open data.

Launching of Data Hub in Montenegro – Podgorica – July 2019

Focus: Cultural and Creative Industries, Blue Growth/Green Growth 

Chamber of Economy of Montenegro launched the data hub at its premises.

The aim of having a data hub is to improve the open data (OD) ecosystem, which presents a huge potential in the creation of new value and boosting of the competitiveness of the Montenegrin economy.

One of the most important goals of this event was stimulating the demand for good quality OD, creation of applications and services based on OD use and re-use.

The speakers promoted the services provided by the hub which are as follows:

● technical seminars focused on the latest developments in the field of open data;

● training seminars on the construction of local capacity building;

● realization of international events to create opportunities for collaboration between companies and institutions operating in the economy data sector.

Launching of Data Hub France – Marseille – September 2019

Focus:  Green Growth/ Blue Growth/ Cultural and Creative Industries

On September 26th, 2019, the Agency for Sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories (AVITEM) held a meeting to launch the French Data-Hub in Marseille. The aim of this meeting was to encourage exchanges between local data producers and users. The workshop was facilitated by the open data experts from the cooperative Datactivist. More than 30 participants pitched their projects and brainstormed on the potential use of data in the fields of blue economy, green economy and creative industry. This event was the first of a series aiming at supporting and developing 3 to 6 projects through the data journey.

Launching of Data Hub in Greece – Athens – December 2019

Focus: Blue Growth, Green Growth

On December 16th 2019, GFOSS held the official launch of the Greek Data-Hub in Athens. 

During the launch the Data hub’s vision, membership, objectives, activities and services. were presented to all the stakeholders.

More than 15 teams have expressed their interest in the services and tools that will be provided via the Data Hub. The Data Hub will support the exploitation of Open Data / Open Linked Data with reference to the sectors of blue growth and green growth.

The services that will be provided by the DATA HUB are the following:

  • Matching and pitching events, hackathon, thematic workshops to foster cross-fertilization activities and to develop SMEs and start-up’s ideas and promote digital innovation
  • Study visits for members of the Data Hub in order to promote the knowledge and cooperation and inspire further the members
  • Technical seminars aiming at transferring knowledge and technology and bringing together the 4-Helix actors
  • Capacity building seminar for intermediary organizations and operators to support the innovation eco-system
  • Training course for public actors to inform them about the Data Economy
  • Coaching services to selected cases about business-oriented topics like hr, marketing, business development, decision making, finance.
  • Setting-up local networks of private investors interested to work with projects & ideas from the exploitation of OD/LOD
  • Workshops aiming to present to the members of the Hub the available sources of funding opportunities

Launching of Data Hub in Slovenia – next 6th March 2020

Focus: Blue Growth, Green Growth

Slovenia’s Open Data Hub’s goal is to raise entrepreneurs’ awareness about open data portal and its possible uses, to support regional and national governments to produce and maintain quality datasets and to train entrepreneurs to use OD/LOD in order to produce new innovative products.

The Slovenian Hub gathers actors and stakeholders interested in Data Economy in order to strengthen open data portal, support entrepreneurs to use and benefit from OD/LOD aiming at strengthening economy and support local, regional and public administration bodies to share quality dataset• Local capacity building training seminars

Keep in contact to know more about our next events!



Odeon Project

Odeon Project

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