Mesa gun safe

Here’s another serious gun-safe manufacturer that’s been in the business since the early ‘ 80s. It was founded by a man named George L. Vicente, and he began his safe career when he was only 16 years old. He started working for a locksmith, but later started Mesa Safe Company. He wanted Mesa Safe to take theindustry leading company in Safes and focused on the delivery of heavy construction and cutting edge locking mechanism. Today, Mesa is known as a pioneer in the firearm safe business, and they are committed to producing only high-quality safes that fit every budget.

Their production line includes a variety of safes that meet all of the requirements.
Mesa focuses not only on the provision of security cannon safes, but also on solutions that include depository, pharmaceutical and fire protection safes, to name but a few.

But their top rifle safes are what we’re going to discuss here. You have two options if you want to go for Mesa; you can select the MBF series or the MGL series. The MBF series is its best-selling model, and it offers outstanding overall protection. The MGL series is an excellent pick-up for those looking for a more affordable security solution. The MGL comes in three different sizes and two interior design options. Below, you can read more about the best Mesa Companycannon safes on the market.

Best Mesa Gun Safe

3 Customer rating

Mesa Safe MBF5922E



Dimensions:20 x 22 x 59 inches

Weight:528 pounds

Warranty:Limited service life

3.5 Customer Rating

Mesa Safe MBF3820E

Color:Hammered Gray

Material:4″ thick solid steel

Dimensions:22 x 22 x 40 inches

Weight:300 pounds

Warranty:1 year parts and employees

3.5 Customer Rating

Mesa Safe MBF6032E



Dimensions:22 x 32 x 59 in

Weight:670 pounds

Warranty:Limited service life

4.5 Customer rating

Mesa Safe MBF7236E



Dimensions:24 x 36 x 71 in

Weight:860 pounds

Warranty:Limited service life

3.5 Customer Rating

Mesa Safe MFL3020EE



Dimensions:20 x 20 x 30 in

Weight:208 pounds

Warranty:One year of parts and employees

3.5 Customer Rating

Mesa Safe MAWS2113E



Dimensions:6 x 15 x 22.1 inches

Weight:40 pounds

Warranty:1 year parts and employees

MBF5922E Gun Safe

Our first article in the Mesa Safe Countdown is the wonderful MBF5922E pistol sure to protect not only your valuables and documents, but also your firearms. This unit provides protection that goes far beyond intruders who are trying to pry-open the safe because it is also built to protect your belongings from fire. In other words, it is designed to withstand 1750F fire exposure up to the one hour mark.

In order to provide the highest level of safety, the Mesa team supplies twelve 1″ fixed steel latches and tote screws. In addition, there is a 4-point closing system along with a drill-resistant plate that makes it impossible to manipulate with near-to-the-spot. Even if an intruder can remove the lock, the spring-loaded re-closing mechanism occurs in the kicks.

This safe comes out of the box, pre-drilled with four anchor holes. In this way, you can use the anchor set to secure the safe to the concrete slab for increased safety. This is a big gun that can store up to 14 long rifles. You can adjust the safe according to your needs by adjusting the shelves to keep everything in order. The interior is completely robust, and the shelves are padded to make sure your belongings don’t scratch.

All in all, we have here a hard-wearing and stylish sword pistol with a black, scratch-free finish. Made of high-quality 1″ Thick steel, which offers optimal protection. It comes with a power cord for a power strip, along with a 9-volt battery, 3 brass handles for bolting work, and a physical key for backup access.
mesa gun safe is confident that you will love the MBF5922E pistol and offer a lifetime guarantee for a limited service life.

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Mesa Safe MBF3820E Gun Safe

The next time is another quality unit from the Mesa Stall called MBF3820E and this pistol safe is packed with many security features. It is a high-quality designed pistol made of high-end thick steel, to ensure durability and reliability. In addition, there is a drilling firm 1″ thick steel plate to protect the locking mechanism. In addition, it is equipped with an electronic locking system, dead bolts, commercially available hinges, to ensure your belongings are safely protected.

This unit was holding fire for 2 hours, and this is one of the highest fire ratings on the market. Mesa was able to safely construct a trendy pistol, with a unique design and superior fire protection. The interior is full of shroff and has plenty of space to store all your weapons and valuable items. In addition, to make sure you can customize the room according to your wishes, there are two stable removable shelves included. In addition, there are three sockets, along with 2 USB ports, as well as a power cord for extra comfort.

All in all, gun owners are very satisfied with this safe and competitive price. The safe is very heavy, and features teach steel construction.
Consumers such as the fact that Mesa went the extra mile to make this unit one of the best fireproof items on the market. The interior ensures plenty of space, and you can be sure that everything you lock inside will be protected. In addition, your purchase is protected by a one-year limited warranty on all parts and employees.

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Mesa Safe MBF6032E

Here is a high-end pistol sure, which consists of superior steel constructed door, which measures 1.5 inches thick. In addition, there are four 1-inch locking bolts to anchor the safe to the concrete floor. In addition, there are three heavy-duty steel hinges that ensure that no one can remove the door. The overall housing has athick, first-class, fire-resistant steel construction. This safe is guaranteed to keep fire up to 1750 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 hour.

The MBF6032E offers plenty of space, and you can store up to 24 long-arms inside. It has two large pockets and 20 elastic slits. In addition, this safe contains removable shelves, which allow you to adapt the room according to your needs.

All in all, this safe offers 13 cubic feet of storage, and the interior is complete with grey fabric to protect your items from damage. This unit has an electrical latch and is battery operated. However, if you don’t have batteries anymore, you can always use the physical key to access your stuff.

All in all, here is a fantastic safe for those looking for a way to store their long guns in a safe way. It has all the security features you need in order to protect your valuable things. The locking mechanism is an innovative innovation, which has a drill-and impact-resistant steel. In addition, Mesa offers a limited lifetime warranty for this product.

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Mesa Safe MBF7236e Gun Safe

Here is the excellent Pistolensafe MBF7236e, which was built to keep up to 42 rifles. Now, if you’re looking for a price-friendly solution to store your weapons, then I suggest you look somewhere else. However, if you are a serious weapons collector, this is your number 1 pick.

This safe is huge and offers 21.1 cubic feet of interior space. Plus, there are six half-sized shelves and two full-sized shelves that will allow you to organize your items to satisfy your needs. To access the safe, there is a sophisticated electronic keypad lock that you can program to store two unique codes, up to 8 digits.

There is also an additional security feature, which takes over when someone repeatedly enters the wrong code. In this case, the safe will be put into sleep mode for 15 minutes. In addition, there is a drilling-and-hole-resistant plate to prevent anyone from being able to remove or manipulate the lock.

This safe weighs a whopping 882 pounds, so there’s no way anyone with this safe can just go out of your house. To improve the protection even further, you can screw this heavyweight champion to the ground to make sure no one can move the safe from its position.

Here we have the largest and inexpensive pistol safely from the MBF series. But quality and protection come with a price, and this unit has all the glitz and glamour that you need to protect your collection. In addition, Mesa has built a safe that you can adjust according to your storage requirements, but without sacrificing quality or security.

This is your number one choice if you seriously want to step up your game and protect your weapons collection and other valuable items. Needless to say, if you invest in this unit, you will receive a life-long limited warranty.

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Mesa Safe MFL3020EE Gun Safe

Next is another brilliant security solution from Mesa and here is a multi-functional, 2 Compartments Pistol sure to be built with your needs in mind.
This is a sturdy 100 steel construction with 1-inch full steel bolt andinch durable steel door. The hinges are also made of hard-wearing steel.
It has a mail box depot design, and you can access the safe on the front.
To reduce the risk of theft by the door, it is built with an anti-fish-impact plate.

Just like any Mesa safe, this unit comes up with four pre-drilled anchor holes, so you can screw them to the floor for extra safety.
This unit is also equipped with a borehole plate in order to protect the locking mechanism from unauthorized tampering. Even if the electronic keypad is removed, the safe remains securely closed.

The electronic locking comes with a sophisticated relock, which adds even more security against manipulations. The electronic keyboard is powered by batteries, but there’s also a physical key, in case you have to access your safe, but you’re from batteries. You can set 5 unique access codes and a master key access. This unit will be delivered with a one-year limited warranty against defects of the Mesa Company.

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Mesa Safe MAWS2113E Gun Safe

Our next pick is a wall safe called MAWS2113E, and here we have a robust, electronic wall that includes all the security features you need safely in a gun. This is a high-quality steel gun rifle that was well welded with high-quality steel hinges.

Together with a top notchinch thick pry-resistant steel door. If you want to anchor the safe to the floor or wall, there are 2inches of stable locking bolts to make sure the door remains locked.
This is a battery-powered electronic lock system, and you can access the safe at any time with a key when the batteries dry out. In addition, there are two strong shelves, which are yours with 3 sections to store your valuable. If you’re looking for a safe to store your big guns, this safe isn’t for you.

This is your solution if you need a safe way to store your pistol and other small items. There’s no way an intruder can carry that safe out of your home/office because there are four pre-drilled holes to make sure you can anchor it safely on the ground. Overall, this is fantastic if you’re looking for a smaller storage solution for your home or office. This is a 100 steel construction, which offers excellent protection. In addition, Mesa offers a 1 year non-transferable warranty with this product.

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Things to have in Mind

If you’re looking for a safe, it’s very important that you look at a unit from an established manufacturer like Mesa. Mesa has a wide range of models that can meet the needs of each person.
You need to investigate capacity and expandability. What that means is that you have to find a safe that will not be too small for your belongings after a few years. So, Mesa has you covered, and they have a lot of pistol safes that can store your current gun selection and is spacious enough if you decide to expand your weapons collection.

Different types

A Mesa Safe is not only a Mesa safe, because you will be able to choose from different Mesa models. Each model is designed in such a way that it complements the user’s different needs. Mesa has all kinds of pistol safes to supplement any claim. You can choose-for a depot safe with which you can simply deposit cash, cheques or other valuables via a “mailbox” door. Each Depository Mesa Safe is built for quick access and maximum protection.

The depot safes are not for everyone, but it offers a quick way to store everything you need to protect in seconds. As mentioned above, this is ideal as a money safe, since you don’t have to make it up every time you deposit. On the other hand, you can also store your handguns and keep them protected by electronic locking on site by accessing the safe.

All Mesa’s safes can be safely used as a weapon, although some are not designed with the gun consumer in mind. However, they are all suitable for the storage of weapons, and they all offer excellent protection for everything you need to store in a store, because each unit has all the steel construction and first-class housings. All Mesa models are heavy and fireproof safes that you can count on to protect your most valuable things.

If for some reason you think Mesa can’t safely fulfill your gun, then Mesa wants to hear from you. In other words, you can work with them together and have built a safe that is tailored to your needs. You can submit your security requirements and specify all features and style, and Mesa creates a weapon safe that is tailored to your needs.

What Mesa has to offer

Safety and protection are the main focus of Mesa. Therefore, all Mesa safes made of thick steel are built and come with several locking bolts to increase safety. In addition, all of their safes come with re-locking and hard plates. Fire protection is something that Mesa really cares about, and you can be sure that all of their safes go through extensive testing against fire and flood to maximize security.

As mentioned above, Mesa has many different designs, so you can be sure that you can find a safe that fits your home/office decor. On the other hand, most of us would prefer to keep the safe out of sight, tucked away in a closet, or somewhere else. If the safe will be part of the room decoration, you can safely recognize a mesa with fantastic aesthetics.

Although Mesa is a small business, they are one of the largest in the larger model rifle safes. The best thing about Mesa Company is that they offer brilliant security solutions for business owners and homeowners. Most of their safes come with a sophisticated electronic locking mechanism for easy and quick access. Even if their main strength lies in the electronic locking keyboard, they also offer combination solutions.


Guarantee is also something that Mesa takes seriously, and you should always invest in a safe that provides a guarantee. In this way you can have an idea of the quality of the juice and how confident the manufacturer is about the product.
The guarantee can vary depending on what is sure to buy you in the end and usually in the range of 1-2 years to a lifetime.

There are not many manufacturers who are willing to offer lengthy warranties, but most Mesa articles are guaranteed to be free from defects for life. Keep in mind that you cannot transfer the warranty to a third party. Therefore, you should never buy a used weapon safely, as the warranty will be voided. If you purchase a safe and your item suffers a damage from fire, water or theft, Mesa will replace or repair your weapon for a fee.

Mutating and saving

In most cases, your Mesa Safe offers four anchor holes that will allow you to increase security and secure the safe path to a solid foundation. In addition, you will be built in the total fee for the adjustment of the interior space, because each safe is built to meet different needs. Therefore, with the removable shelves, you can organize your weapons and other items as you like. In other words, each Mesa Pistolensafe offers a unique storage effectiveness thanks to the adjustable internal shelf system

It goes without saying that the ability to adapt your stash space is a fantastic advantage. You can organize your weapons and other valuables in a way that guarantees immediate access to what you need. In addition, the entire interior is beautifully carpeted, along with shelves and door trim. In addition, Mesa offers you the flexibility to organize your punches in such a way that they match the demand of everyone.


The bottom line here is that Mesa Safe Company will provide you with top quality and first-class protection for any need, regardless of budget. They have been on the market for some time now, and their products are becoming increasingly popular on a daily basis. They’re not the biggest brand in the business, but you can always rely on a quality gun safely from Mesa. All of Mesa’s safes are inexpensive, and it’s very hard to find a similarly favorable product, which includes all the great security features that Mesa has.

The very popular MBF series are the most popular models in the Mesa Safe line. They offer a high level of security for a very reasonable price. They contain all the big elements that you need in a weapon safe and come with a fantastic guarantee. Therefore, as soon as you find your pick, you should always go for the highest rated, most popular weapon safely, to make sure you come with a pistol that will take you for many years to come and will no longer grow your weapons collection to the end.