Fingerprint gun safe

You probably have the Internet safe for a gun and have over the phrase “biometric gun safe”.If you’re insecure, what it means and whether it’s worth your money, you’ve come to the right place.

For centuries, people have been using combination locks as a standard method to secure their valuables within a safe.Recently, with the advances in modern technology, I have seen an increase in electronic locking systems.

This is similar when you put your pin number in your phone to unlock it.More recently, there are ways to identify people on the basis of their physical properties. This isjust like using your fingerprint to unlock your smartphone. .

What method is the best way to protect your firearm?I will discuss all the benefits in this article. Although this biometric method seems to be high-tech and Fancy method, it does not come without its disadvantages.I’m not just going to discuss how it works, but how reliable this method of identification really is.

I also share my review of this year’s best pistol safes, which use this biometric fingerprint procedure.So you dive in!

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What does biometrics mean?

Biometry is a method for the recognition of an individual using its biological properties.There are many different ways to recognize a person using this method.It recognizes you with your face, your eyes, fingerprints, voice, and more.I’m going to look at the pistol safes today,this method will tell you on the basis of your fingerprint.

This type of identification has been around for more than a decade.It is constantly being improved and modernised, as the technology progresses.For this reason, it is becoming more and more cost-effective for people who want to buy this kind of security.

What is special about the use of this method of verification is that you do not need to remember a password or a combination. They can easily be forgotten or stolen.With biometric technology, you can’t duplicate someone’s fingerprint because it’s specific only to that person.In theory, this is the best way to protect against someone who tries to get into something they shouldn’t do.

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How does biometric pistol safes work?

This futuristic type of identification has now been made available to gun-gun owners.Biometric pistol safes work by identifying you through your fingerprint.
You can see these tresors, which are called the fingerprint gun safe , for exactly that reason.

The scanner does two things.First, it scans a picture of your fingerprint.
Then it fits the patterns of peaks and valleys in your print to the scanned images that you’ve programmed to remember in the past.

The original fingerprint that you scanned will be converted to a number of numbers.This set of numbers is stored in memory.Every time you scan your fingerprint after scanning, it converts it into a series of numbers and compares it to the original fingerprint.

Because it turns your fingerprint into a series of numbers, it’s almost impossible for anyone to hack into, convert the numbers into a fingerprint, and try to use that fingerprint to open the safe.

How reliable are biometric weapons safes REALLY?

As I said before, there are advantages and disadvantages for this type of technology.Whether it is right for you is at your discretion.

There are a few factors that will make these weapons safes more reliable.They need to have strong batteries in them, which means the battery can’t die.A dying battery can cause an erroneous reading of your fingerprint.

The reading device that scans your fingerprint has to be clean, so if you get one of these safes, make sure you keep it clean with a Q-Tip always so often.If it gets dirty, it will have a more difficult time reading your fingerprint.

If your fingerprint has changed in any way, it is likely that you will not allow. If you have a cut or a scratching on the finger, it will change the shape of the pressure, so it can not be scanned.Soif you have a job at which you work with your hands, this can be problematic for you.

Ultimately, you will want to have a backup method to open the safe.Most safes allow you to recognize multiple fingerprints, soyou want to program all 10 fingers as accepted fingerprints.That means, even if the safe refuses to recognize the thumb, you will have 9 other fingers to open the safe.

The only downfall I can think of, where all 10 fingers don’t scan, is if you’ve been in a pool or shower and all fingers are trimmed.You can try to do this and see if it accepts your prints in this way.

As you can see, there are a lot of thoughts and factors that come into play when using biometrics to safely open your weapon.There are people who swear, and others who prefer the traditional locking mechanisms.

Biometric vs Standard Gun Safes

Whether you’re buying a biometric rifle safe or a standard locking gun safely, you’re looking for a place to keep your gun safe.But what are the differences between these two types of safes? Lets have a look.


One of the primary benefits for the biometric type of closing system is thatyou don’t need to remember your password.In a situation where you encourage yourself to open up your security, you can be under a certain strain.This can make it harder to remember your combination if you need it the most.

With a fingerprint gun sure, this panic will try to remove your password.

This is also useful if you don’t plan to go into the gun safely very often.If you plan to store your weapons for long periods of time and don’t need to use security on a daily basis, it will be easier to forget your combination.If you have a biometric fingerprint safe, you don’t need to write your password up and look up it if you want to access your safe.

Since biometrics are still fairly new, they don’t have the kind of performance tests and ratings that standard locking systems have.Thus, it is difficult to know how well the biometric blocking rates, without reading the ratings on the product itself.

With standard mechanical and electronic locks, there is a UL rating that gives you an idea of the protection you’re buying.At present, there are some agencies working on performance testing and rating systems, but these are still in progress.


An advantage for the standard pistol is that it usually comes with a cheaper price tag.If the cost is something about the latest fad in technology, then you might be able to look at more standard electronic or mechanical closing pistol safes.

A further advantage for the standard pistol is the near-fat unlock method if you know the code.With mechanical locks is a code that you need to enter. Keep the batteries fresh ‘ t a concern. You also know the exact amount of time it takes to unlock the safe.You can enter the time yourself in the code.

With the biometric rifle safes, your fingerprint can’t be read, so the time to enter two or three times, as long as the safe is refusing to read and accept your fingerprint.

Which biometric pistol is best suited?

I’m going to dive deep into three different biometric pistol safes. These three types of gun safes each have their own purpose, in addition to the simple holding of a weapon safely and safely.From all the biometric safes that I looked at, these three reviews and features I couldn’t pass on. The Verifi S6000 is by far the 1 .

Verifi S6000

That’s a pretty new safe on the market, but it has gotten a review so far, so I couldn’t let it from my list. If anything, it is 1. Really, the ratings are out of this world and I wonder if there is finally a breakthrough in biometric technology that anyone can leave behind. Zvetco Biometrics has done a wonderful job on this product.

Here’s the box of the vault, as well as my first shot from the box.

The safe weighs 32 lbs and it is definitely noticeable.It’s also much bigger than it seems to be on the photos.Read on, for more photos from the inside of the vault.

Below, you can see a view of the items coming with the safe.It comes with 4 batteries, two backup buttons and mounting hardware, so you can screw your safe as soon as you get it.

I have a closet shot of the backup keys for this safe.The keyhole is beautiful and hidden, so it was not immediately obvious that there was a way in the safe others than the scanner.Actually, I had to get the instructions to find out where I was to use the keys!

Its biometrical feature is one of the most advanced on the market today. It uses FBI-certified 3D scanning, which will scan under the surface of the skin.

The people are really crazy about how exactly this scanning system is.
No one has complain about the scanner being unable to read his fingerprints.

Here’s a video of how fast it takes to open the safe:

It took me about 3 seconds to open the safe.That was from the time I pressed the settings button on the right side, scanned my finger and it unlocked enough for me to open it up.

If you’re trying to close the vault, you don’t have to say it to lock it up.It’s quite orderly because it has a car-locking feature.I’ve also recorded this.
You can see it below:

See the current price of the Verifi Safe at Amazon here.

After the lock, you will see a close-up on the screen.The safe will give you diagnostic information about battery life and let you know that it is fully locked.I love that because it means you’re actively going to know the life of the battery.So many other safes will only start at a certain point and you will have no idea that they were low on batteries.

In addition, you can set up users in the system and keep a log of all the people who entered the safe.That’s great if you want to see who has come in the safe lately.

It allows a maximum of 40 fingerprints and up to 10 fingerprints for each user.

As you know, with biometric pistol safes comes the worry about the battery that dies at you, without you knowing. Zvetco has taken this into account and created the safe for 4 AA batteries for YEARS This is almost unheard of with electronic safes.

Every 24 hours a complete diagnostic test is carried out on the safe.It will check the battery life, and if it’s low, it will notify you with a chirp and shows the current battery percentage on the LCD screen.So, if you’re someone who wants to know the battery life, this safe is perfect for you.

The S6000 is nice and roomy.There can be 4 pistols lying down below, and about 6 or 7 with a rack.You can even store ammunition and extra maid in the safe.
The rack, however, is a separate purchase, so keep an eye on that. Check out my gun safe accessories items here for some cheap racks.

You can screw this 30 pound safe down to the floor or shelf so you can keep it safe in a certain place.It has two mounting holes on the bottom and two on the back, so this thing won’t go anywhere.Its dimensions are 17 “x 16” x 8 “.

Here are some photos from the bottom and back, where you can screw down the safe.

You have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a one-year limited warranty on manufacturing defects.I was a bit disappointed to see no limited guarantee for replacement if it was damaged by a fire or burglon.

Overall, I am very impressed by the advanced technology with this weapon.
I would recommend it to someone looking for multiple pistols looking for and a near perfect biometric reader’s wish.Take a look at the Verifi S6000 safely at Amazon to read more and buy today.

GunVault SpeedVault SVB500

This is a single pistol pistol that offers a unique design. The reason for the unique design is that it is extremely versatile when it comes to mounting it.It was created for a quick access situation.

A lot of people are going to install these near their beds, or in an office.I t is perfect for the person who wants to reach their pistol near them, but not simply in a drawer where a child could have easy access to them.

This safe holds up to 120 fingerprints.That means you can program all your fingers and toes.Now, I don’t really know about the toes, but if you have other members in your household, you can also give them access to the safe without running out of the available fingerprint storage places.There is also a backup override key, so if for some reason the scanner does not seem to work, you can also use a backup key.

IF you are looking for a safe, that you can easily access in the dark, this GunVault biometric safe can be the best choice for you.

It is known for its easy-to-open ability in the dark.You can reach at night and have it scan your fingerprint. After that, you hear a swirling noise that you know it’s unlocked, and then the bottom part opens the lighting of your weapon with a light.You can just grab it and go.

One of the downstairs in this vault is that it can no longer fit fiber pistols.
You’re going to want to measure your gun before you buy this safe.It can be a bit tight if your gun is big. This safe holds standard pistols, but not necessarily all revolvers.

I’ve put together a list of weapons that fit here, on a check of the sister product of this safe, the SpeedVault SV500.The inside dimensions are 2″x 5″ x 8” so make sure your pistol fits before buying.

If you want your rifle to safely hold something other than a single pistol, you can check out our other reviews.. This safe is reserved for the person who wants to save only a pistol that is easy to ride.Storing extra clips in the safe could be possible by cutting out the foam, but I don’t recommend buying it if you’re looking for an extra storage.

A 5-year limited warranty is available on this safe. GunVault will replace your safe if it has been damaged by fire or slump. There is also a 1-year manufacturer warranty that will protect you against any problems with the creation of your safe.

They will check the safe and open and close some times when you buy them.This will ensure that you catch all the issues at a safe early point in time.

If the biometric version doesn’t seem to be right for you, look at the GunVault SpeedVault SV500 buying guide here.

Barska Quick Access Biometrical rifle Safe

For someone who wants to secure his long guns and yet has a quick easy and easy access to them, this is a great option.You won’t have to invest several hundred dollars to get a basic security.

This rifle safe fits two scoped rifles or up to three individual barrel-long guns without any scope.I do not recommend it for anyone who tries to secure more than 3 long guns. I also don’t recommend it to anyone with 30 rounds of clips on their rifles, unless they want to turn them inside the vault.For some bigger options, look at Stack-On’s 14 pistol safe review here.

Its depth is only 6.3 inches.You’re going to want to measure your guns ahead of time to make sure they fit into the inside.

Here are the exact dimensions: Exterior: 8.6 x 9.8 xinches. Interior: 6,3 x 9,7 x 52 inches

If you’ve already invested in a big, expensive safe for your weapons collection, you might not want to make up your entire collection every time you want to grab your used weapons.

The biometric fingerprint reader is pretty accurate according to the reviewers.
There are backup keys in case it’s not able to read your fingerprint.It also stores up to 120 fingerprints, which are perfectly suited to reading all your fingers.

They want to screw this safe to the floor or to the wall. This adds a security layer and will keep the 66 pounds safe from tipping.The door is pretty heavy compared to the rest of the vault, so if it’s empty, it’s a bit ‘front-heavy’.

If you don’t care about fire protection and just want to keep a few long guns safe and away from kids, that’s a great option.

Barska offers a one-year limited warranty on this safe.I’ve found the best price at Amazon with Prime shipping. Check it out at Amazon.

The verdict

In total, biometric pistol safes still have their kinks to work. They are temporarily defective in dependence on the quality of the scanner.It is fascinating technique and for the person who is looking for unique identifiers to unlock their security, this is the perfect avenue.

Our favorite from the three is the Verifi S6000.With all the negative reviews about biometric data that people don’t lack, I was really amazed at how well this new product shines from all the rest.I hope to see more of the FBI approved 3D scanning in the future and look forward to this in the coming years.If you have any questions about any of these products, please feel free to contact us.I’m always looking for better quality information for people who are looking for their perfect weapon.