GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance became an Associate Organization in OW2 Consortium

GFOSS – Open Technologies Alliance has become an Associate organization of the OW2 Consortium.

OW2 is an independent, global, open-source software community. The mission of OW2 is to a) promote the development of open-source middleware, generic business applications, cloud computing platforms and b) foster a vibrant community and business ecosystem. OW2 developments follow a flexible, component-based approach. These components range from specific software frameworks, protocols, and applications through integrated, service-oriented platforms for enterprise computing.

The OW2 projects aim at facilitating the development, deployment and management of distributed applications with a focus on open source middleware and related development and management tools. In the open source software value chain, OW2 is positioned as an industry platform facilitating interaction between open source code Producers and open source code Consumers.

While both GFOSS and OW2 have been working in parallel for yeas to promote software freedom, sharing the same principles and values, this established partnership will now bring GFOSS and OW2 members the benefits of a greater technical alignment of the two organizations.


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