Open Standards -­ a Key to Success in the Delivery of the DSM


Today, the European Commission achieved the next milestone in implementing the Digital Single Market (DSM), with the publication of a Communications package consisting of the Priority ICT Standards Plan (PISP), and of Communications on Digitisation, Cloud and the eGovernment Action Plan. With these initiatives the Commission focuses on the major technologies involved in the digital transformation of economies and societies. A common theme throughout is the recognition of the key role which standards can play in supporting an open and competitive ecosystem in which the new technologies can evolve and their promulgation can be promoted.

With the Priority ICT Standards Plan, the Commission sets the right priorities. The PISP effectively complements the EU Rolling Plan for ICT Standardisation in providing a higher level of prioritisation and strategic directions in relation to the DSM and supporting its objectives. The PISP shows a high level of understanding of how standardisation works and how available, horizontal technology standards have created the basis for innovative new systems of technologies. Hence major new standards developments are not required. The strong focus on promoting the uptake of technologies, bringing stakeholders together, promoting collaboration and avoiding fragmentation can have great effects on market development. Moreover, not only will concentration on the identified priority areas foster innovation and progress in these six domains, it will also have positive network effects for a broad spectrum of technologies and policy areas.



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