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We told you it was back. The “top 10 most interesting CAD models from the last couple of weeks” is here to stay. This week’s installment kicks off with a droid, reminds you to eat your vegetables, gets kind of weird with Tiger Balm, and ends with a pretty nice interior design piece. Enjoy.

Star Wars – BB-8 Droid by Bruno Conti

Stars Wars is one of our favorite movie series of all time. It has a wide array of robots and other fascinating machinery that make us wonder “Could a droid like this be in our future?”

Based distribution and humidification by Adriano Ordoz Barissa

A unique yet practical design that any gardener would love to add to their indoor collection. Irrigation made simple and easy by this clever model.

Frame Freeride by Gustavo Aimar

A sophisticated design that any cyclist would quickly take interest in. Well executed engineering for comfort and control.

Helicopter by Denis Menard

This futuristic and sleek design appears to be straight out of the newest James Bond movie. A mesmerizing image and hopes for the future of air travel as we know it.

RC Toy Helicopter by Nick Brookhuis

Who says toys are just for kids? This exceptional design and flawless rendering make any adult want to pick up the remote and take it for a spin.

Realistic Vegetable 3D Max by Senem Sonkaya

Similar to a painting that could pass for a photo, this expertly crafted fruit could easily pass as the real thing. A beautifully designed illusion, these cad-berries could easily be mistaken for fresh produce.

Pillow Block by Dape

This model from Dape is an excellent example of machine design. It accurately depicts a Pillow Block complete with a set of ball bearings.

Suspension Design by Seif Eddine

A great suspension design that could inpsire future suspension systems and be very useful to other engineers in their product designs.

Tiger Balm by Hans de Ridder

A creative and humurous model. What would you do with a 250L barrel of Tiger Balm?

Wooden Lantern by Mohamed Sami

Mohamed’s wood lantern has an intricate pattern that he highlights artfully with a series of well done renderings.



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